Grit Story: Siema S. from Cleaveland, TN.


I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. After consultation with my surgeon and Oncologist, and because one lymph node was compromised, I was recommended for Chemo. I believe that my children at home and my students kept me fighting despite chemo and the effects. I continued to work and decided that cancer would not take the center stage of my life. I kept going I am now happy to say that my oncologist has declared me cancer free! I discovered the John Wayne Cancer Foundation while I was in Chemotherapy and the stories and memes gave me strength and courage to continue fighting. I am a great fan of John Wayne. My favorite movies are, The ‘Quiet Man’ and ‘The Searchers’. What John Wayne stood for in his life and his work, was an inspiration to me personally and professionally, to live life with passion and integrity!

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