Team John Wayne Spotlight: Sammi Peck


I talked about doing Tough Mudder for years, but every year I always found a reason not to do it. When I scrolled through the website this year, I found myself stopping on the Charity tab. Instead of finding a reason not to do Tough Mudder, I found a reason to do it – John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF). When I went to the JWCF website, the first thing I saw was “bringing courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer”. I knew immediately that I wanted to cross that electrical wire finish as a member of Team John Wayne.

We all have a story when it comes to cancer, whether it is a personal battle or that of a loved one. My story changed this past year when someone I love very much got diagnosed and it was the first time that the feeling of helplessness set in. The JWCF works tirelessly to make a difference in all of our stories and by joining their team, now I can help. I am not a doctor or a researcher, but I have the grit to get myself over a 15’ tall quarter pipe covered in mud.

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