Grit Story: Scott P. from Sicklerville, NJ


scottpezzanoI was going to a GI Specialist and being checked every 2 years for 10 years because I had Barrett’s Esophagus due to acid re-flux. As it progressed, I was being checked once a year for about 5 years. At the last check-up, a biopsy was done of suspicious tissue on my esophagus. The results revealed a pedunculated tumor. Because I was being followed so closely the tumor was found in the early stages and was only as deep as the first layer of tissue. I have been cancer free since. The important thing for me was to keep a positive attitude and my faith to get me through it. After I was diagnosed with cancer, I remembered the battle that John Wayne had with this terrible disease. I often watch his movies for inspiration. It gave me a connection with the Duke.

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  1. mary Pezzano November 13, 2016 Reply

    You are an inspiration to your children and the love of my life! Love Mary Martha

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