Grit Story: James S. from Baxley, GA

I had a knot on my neck and went to the ER. After the doctor completed an X-ray and blood work, it was confirmed I had stage 3 Lymphoma and stage 4 testicular cancer. I went through extensive chemotherapy, surgeries and two stem cell transplants. My family, friends and fellow patients were a helpful support system. I kept a journal which really helped because I could write what couldn’t be said. Also, one of my life long heroes had this illness – John Wayne. I gained strength from the movies I grew up watching and the research I did on his journey. I’d love to thank the John Wayne Cancer Foundation for the research they have done to eliminate this disease.

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By Christopher A Howard | November 23, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Big C took John Wayne like Santa Ana took the Alamo, by storm. But, by God, they both put up a heroic struggle. Blessings to all at the JWCF, your work is vital. Happy Thanksgiving

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