Grit Story: Jennifer C. from Newport Coast, CA


Last February, I had my annual mammogram. A few years ago I started getting ultrasound scans at the same time as my mammogram because I have dense breast tissue. My ultra sound technician found a suspicious spot. The radiologist confirmed it was suspicious and said the next step would be a biopsy. Biopsy results came back and it turned out to be Attypical Ductal Hyperplasia. I did genetic counseling and tested for the BRCA gene mutation.  The next step was a lumiectomynti to remove the atypical cells. Following this procedure, they found lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). As a mom to a young daughter, the choice seemed clear to me. I opted for the surgery. John Wayne made a difference by making people more aware. A topic that was once so taboo, has become part of everyday conversations. I feel a duty to continue the conversations about cancer. To be open rather than secretive, to remove the stigma and acknowledge that we all touched either directly or indirectly by cancer is critical to one day finding a cure. I would like to thank the JWCF for all of its educational programs and advocating for early detection and prevention of so many types of cancers. 

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