Grit Story: Tami W. from Greenville, CA


After months of pain on my right side and several doctor appointments, I went back to the doctor to tell him something was very wrong, I hurt and we had to find out what was it was, no more guessing. My official diagnosis was pancreatic cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 2B. I was no longer fighting a tumor, but four. After a year of chemo I had stereotactic radiation, 5 intense days, every other day. I look at life so much differently. I used to let little things get to me, not saying I still don’t get aggravated, but I just realize a lot sooner to let things go. I honestly believe a positive attitude helps a great deal with a diagnosis like this. My decision was to fight along with my daughter and husband – not lay down and die, but fight! Thank you to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation for being there for those of us who need the help, inspiration and research to help us survive. When I was a kid, John Wayne came out publicly that he had cancer to help others fight the big “C”. I remember my dad saying the man had guts to openly admit it. He was my inspiration to not give up. My daughter gave me a cup with the saying, “Courage is being scared, but saddling up anyway”. I use that cup every day. I read those words when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it through another day. But here I am, stronger than ever.

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  1. Lisa Jeffrey March 12, 2017 Reply

    I am a life long fan of JW and my daughter made me something for Christmas that I would like to share with your foundation I just want to send a picture to show her appreciation for her hard work

    Lisa Jeffrey

  2. Nanci luce May 9, 2017 Reply

    Tami, you’re a fighter and an inspiration. From taking care of your Mom till you needed care for yourself! To your fighting a good fight against the big C.
    I am older and you’ve looked to me at times, as I went through things with 3 girls that could answer almost everything you could possibly ask with your wonderful but a handful at times daughter, and you and she did great. (She sacrificed her job and took over your Moms care, and you at times, great kid!)
    When my Mom died it was your example and kind comments on the phone that helped me with caring for my Dad. You are an inspiration to many other people with your constant blog and prayers! And you thought we were just praying for you….. you are our inspiration to try harder to live a complete full life. We love you!

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