Block the Blaze: Generations of Sun Safety


Block the Blaze, our premier program, has been teaching kids and teens about sun safety, skin cancer awareness and prevention techniques since 2007.  At the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, we love hearing stories from our community about how we have positively affected other’s lives. One such story comes from Melissa and her daughter. Melissa herself had melanoma, and was thrilled to hear that Block the Blaze is now educating her daughter to be sun safe to prevent skin cancer. Continue reading below to hear Melissa’s full testimonial:

You guys are great! Last summer my daughter did OC Junior Lifeguards and came home with her new favorite John Wayne hat, sunscreen, and received an amazing educational chat by your staff! How awesome is that!!!

I’m from San Clemente and started Junior Lifeguards there in 1983, and continued until 1988. From 1989 to 1996, I became a San Clemente State Lifeguard on the tower and worked my way to become one of the very few permanent women lifeguards in 1997.  I worked at Huntington, Bolsa Chica, and Crystal Cove State Beaches as a permanent, and then had enough seniority to transfer back home to San Clemente. At that time, I saw a freckle on my leg that turned out to be melanoma. No one knew what that was back then in 2002. They all thought it was something that can be frozen off. Thankfully, Dr. James Jakowatz at UCI saved me.

Fast forward and you guys are out there donating and educating my kids and all my friends still lifeguarding. Your sunscreen is the best stuff I’ve ever used. Smooth and not greasy and smells great and works!!!

Thank you sooooooo much for all that you are doing.  Seriously amazing!!!!!

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