Grit Story: Robert B. from Avon, IN


I was busy trying to provide for my family, but was losing weight rapidly and very fatigued. I discovered I had Stage IV colon cancer that had traveled to my bladder and prostate. I had major surgery 3 months after the diagnosis leaving me with an urostomy and an iliostomy. Things were going OK until I had an aneurysm in my illiac artery and was rushed to emergency where I bled out 3 times. I am slowly getting better and have been cancer free for 6 and 1/2 years. During this whole ordeal, I knew I could not die as we had a 10 year old son who I needed to be there for as he grew up. It is what keeps me fighting to this day. With the love and support from my wife and son, I get through each day and take nothing for granted. I would encourage people to not let a diagnosis of Stage IV cancer signify a death sentence. Find what is worth fighting for in your life and focus on that.  I am a huge fan John Wayne and watch all of his movies, knowing that in some of them, he wasn’t well, but kept on going! THAT is inspiration. Life hits you in the gut, but keep going anyway!

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