Grit Story: Robert B. from Avon, IN

I was busy trying to provide for my family, but was losing weight rapidly and very fatigued. I discovered I had Stage IV colon cancer that had traveled to my bladder and prostate. I had major surgery 3 months after the diagnosis leaving me with an urostomy and an iliostomy. Things were going OK until I had an aneurysm […]


Grit Story: Tami W. from Greenville, CA

After months of pain on my right side and several doctor appointments, I went back to the doctor to tell him something was very wrong, I hurt and we had to find out what was it was, no more guessing. My official diagnosis was pancreatic cancer, Adenocarcinoma, Stage 2B. I was no longer fighting a tumor, […]


Donald S. from Townsend, MT

My cancer was found after an X-ray in July of 2016. I have stage 4 Leiomyosarcoma in my chest cavity. I’ve had chemotherapy and radiation. If you feel something that isn’t right, get it checked! It could save your life. John Wayne has always been my hero and his organization, the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, […]


Grit Story: Bill S. from Lansing, MI

I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when I was four years old. I received rounds of chemotherapy for the next three years. For anyone currently going through a battle with cancer, I would say that the shots and procedures don’t get any easier, but you will find a way to get through it every time. I’m […]


Grit Story: Donald R. from Eaton, OH

My family doctor requested I go in for a chest x-ray because of breathing problems. The x-ray showed a mass on my left lung so I had a biopsy that came back cancerous. I ended up having 30 radiation treatments and 10 chemo treatments. The mass has gotten smaller and my breathing has improved. In the last 8 […]


Grit Story: James S. from Baxley, GA

I had a knot on my neck and went to the ER. After the doctor completed an X-ray and blood work, it was confirmed I had stage 3 Lymphoma and stage 4 testicular cancer. I went through extensive chemotherapy, surgeries and two stem cell transplants. My family, friends and fellow patients were a helpful support system. I kept […]