Grit Story: Rick W. from Bend, OR

I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in my late 20’s and later on was diagnosed with lymphoma. I went through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. I’ve been free of cancer since. The biggest change I made during my diagnosis was my humor. I no longer take life so seriously that I forget to laugh. When […]


Grit Story: Rory P. from Jamestown, NY

In the spring, I was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. My doctor agreed on hormone therapy and radiation. However, in June I was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, which put prostate treatments on hold. I had surgery to remove the bladder cancer, but a low-grade UTI put further bladder treatment on hold. Currently waiting […]


Grit Story: David D. from Haworth, NJ

I had symptoms of colon cancer several years ago. Although a family history of colon cancer was well documented on my chart, it wasn’t until I fought for several months to see a specialist, that the Stage IIIB was determined. I had a colon resection, and six months of chemotherapy. I went from being newly […]


Grit Story: John W. from Calgary

I was self diagnosed with two types cancers that were later confirmed. With testicular cancer, the doctors wanted me in the hospital right away to prevent it from spreading. This fight was going to be a tough one, like John Wayne in one of his classic fight scenes. With stage 3 lymphoma, the doctor wanted […]