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John Wayne left a legacy of courage, strength, and grit. Join his fight against cancer and help spread his message of hope to people around the world. By joining our exclusive membership program, you'll be joining the John Wayne Family with the mission to cure cancer.


Membership has its perks, pilgrim

As a member of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, you'll enjoy exclusive John Wayne merchandise and access to member perks. Proceeds benefit the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and strengthen Duke's fight against cancer.


One of my Dad’s greatest pleasures was saluting the Everyday Heroes of Life, whether they were on the movie set, in his neighborhood or long distance fans.

Even though he died before he could see the strides the medical and scientific communities have made in cancer treatment and prevention, his legacy lives on in the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

We are asking you to Join John wayne and become part of his community. As my Dad always said, give the American people a good cause, and there’s nothing they can’t lick.


Ethan Wayne, Chairman

P.S. When we receive your membership, we will send you an exclusive JWCF bandana and you will receive monthly membership updates throughout the year.


Donations over $50 will receive a photo of John Wayne from the John R. Hamilton Photography Collection and a John Wayne Cancer Foundation bandana for joining John Wayne.  Once you're a member, you will receive an exclusive monthly email with members only news and content. (Frame for photograph not included.)

Where does the money go?

Your donation dollars go directly to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and will benefit our Block the Blaze program to prevent skin cancer in kids and young adults and will benefit the John Wayne Alumni Fellows program to continue to support a network of over 150 alumni fellows who are revolutionizing cancer treatment worldwide.


Salute the Everyday Heroes in your life

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