Donations over $50 will receive a photo of John Wayne from the John R. Hamilton Collection and a John Wayne Cancer Foundation bandana for joining John Wayne. Once a member, you will receive updates about John Wayne Cancer Foundation periodically throughout the year.


John Wayne lived with Grit and Determination. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation represents him with Grit and Determination. My father committed his name and likeness to finding a cure for cancer and we aim to do just that.


Our researchers and scientists are closer than ever before. Every day we hear of a new discovery or a new treatment to either beat cancer or extend the life of a survivor.


That’s why John Wayne and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation are counting on supporters and donors like you, knowing that your commitment will help find a cure. As 2018 comes to a close and you consider your charitable giving, I hope you will make a donation to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.


Not only will 100% of your contribution go to advance our research, education and support efforts, your donation truly makes a tangible difference. In fact, the support of our donors helped develop new cancer detection techniques like the sentinel node biopsy, a less invasive way for early detection of cancer.


80% of cancer patients require surgery and that’s why we are committed to cutting-edge education and training of surgeons to become specialists in melanoma, breast, prostate, brain and gastro-intestinal cancer surgery. And our researchers at the John Wayne Cancer Institute work daily in the latest genomic and immunotherapeutic sciences to find the cure. Your support today ensures that cancer patients have specially trained, expert surgeons and researchers on their side in the fight to beat cancer. As my father would say, “When you stop fighting, that’s death.”


Let’s make 2019 the year we cure cancer. Will you Join John Wayne by making a donation today?



Ethan Wayne, Chairman

Where does the money go?

Your donations dollars go directly to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and will benefit our Block the Blaze program to prevent skin cancer in kids and young adults. Donations will also benefit the John Wayne Alumni Fellows program to continue to support a network of over 150 alumni fellows who are revolutionizing cancer treatment worldwide.


Support the John Wayne Cancer Foundation's fight against cancer today.