Help Make John Wayne’s Wish To Cure Cancer Come True

America’s favorite movie star, John Wayne, was stricken with lung cancer in 1964, and he beat it, and then he was diagnosed with stomach cancer 15 years later. In commercials, he asked Americans to join him in the fight against cancer when he said, “They may find a cure for cancer even without your help, but if I were you, I wouldn’t bet my life on it.” Before he passed away at age 72 from cancer, he asked his children to raise funds to give cancer doctors the resources they need to save lives and cure cancer. His children created the John Wayne Cancer Foundation in 1985 to help make their dad’s dream of curing cancer come true. 


Today, more than 170 John Wayne cancer doctors called “John Wayne Alumni Fellows” are working to revolutionize cancer research and treatment worldwide. The surgeons are trained at the highest level to employ the most advanced techniques and technologies for studying and treating all forms of cancer. The John Wayne Alumni Fellows are leaders at cancer centers and academic institutions across the United States. John Wayne cancer doctors have created many breakthroughs including the standard of care for diagnosing breast cancer and skin cancer, pioneering immunology, creating the Fellowship training program, using A.I. to improve diagnoses, and the Block the Blaze program, a revolutionary program that educates the next generation how to prevent and detect skin cancer.


“We host the John Wayne Grit Series, a series of trail runs throughout the west, to fundraise for cancer research and keep Dad’s dream of curing cancer alive,” said Ethan Wayne, John Wayne’s son who is the Director of JWCF. “In addition, all proceeds from our online store go to JWCF to help fight cancer.”


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