We are thrilled to announce that Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC ) is the John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s newest partner in the fight against cancer. TTUHSC will be launching a John Wayne Cancer Foundation Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program in the coming months.

The Fellowship Program is focused on the advanced surgical education of oncologists and fellow-driven research to find new ways to stop, diagnose and treat cancer. Doctors who graduate from this program will join an elite group of over 160 John Wayne Alumni Fellows who are conducting research and treating patients across this great country.

"Cancer is one of the most pressing chronic diseases affecting those who live in the western half of Texas," says TTUHSC President Dr. Lori Rice-Spearman. "The generous support from the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to begin a Surgical Oncology Fellowship presents an opportunity for TTUHSC to increase the number of cancer experts in the region. As a result of this collaboration, we can strengthen our efforts in battling this disease."

John Wayne Cancer Foundation President Ethan Wayne shares the same sentiments. "We couldn't be more excited about our partnership with TTUHSC. It's through collaborations like this that we're able to get one step closer to finding a cure for cancer."

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