Corporate Teams - Ridgway

Benefits of Starting a Corporate Team

  • Team building
  • Promote employee health and wellness
  • Spotlight your company in the community
  • Demonstrate company social responsibility
  • Help fight cancer
  • It's fun!

If each individual on the team is paying for their own registration then the Team Captain should click on the sign up button below.
 Then click “Register” then “Create a Team” and follow the prompts.
Next the Team Captain will email the link to the team web page to the employees, and ask each employee to click “Join Team” to complete their own individual registration.

Or, if your Company is paying for the entire team’s registration fee then click below, and complete the interest form.
Then JWCF staff will provide instructions for how to sign up and pay the registration fee.

Tips for a Successful Corporate Team

  • Secure executive leadership support and/or participation
  • Gauge employee interest in participating in the event
  • When you have a core group engaged to participate, identify a strong team leader to be the team captain
  • Set up a meeting in the break room to let everyone know about the event and the team – invite the JWCF staff to come talk about JWCF and the JWGS
  • Organize weekly team walks during lunch or before work
  • Create a team t-shirt to wear at the event
  • Designate a volunteer to set up a team tent at the event – somewhere for everyone to gather before and after the run / walk
  • The team tent should have some seating, a table, decorations, snacks, and drinks – not much is needed for snacks and drinks as we will have both at the event

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Contact or call (949)631-8400.